WIOA Title II Risk Assessment

WIOA Title II Grants and Compliance

Risk Assessment

As part of our Federal compliance process, the North Carolina Community College, Office of Adult education is required to conduct a Risk Assessment on each provider before grant funds can be awarded. The purpose of this assessment is to furnish the NCCCS state staff with information that will help in monitoring potential risk factors associated with grants awarded to providers. A Risk Assessment for eligible subgrantees will be performed by the Office of Adult Education, State Office Staff on an annual basis prior to grant award disbursements.

Beginning in January of 2018, the CCR unit monitors all expenditures, data, and time and effort reporting according to the level of oversight indicated by the Risk Assessment conducted on all funded providers. This data may be monitored monthly, quarterly, or twice a year. These results are reviewed with the providers and may result in technical assistance, or professional development.

WIOA Title II Grants & Compliance

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