NRS Assessment

NRS Assessment

Why do we assess our adult learners? Through reliable assessments that address the needs of our students and adequately measure their skills, we can accurately determine placement, concretely communicate progress to our institution, our students, and our instructors, and determine next steps in personalized instruction. Assessments provide data for these decisions.

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Assessment Information

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Looking to reliably measure the skills of your adult English language learners? Check out the BEST assessment options.

Need to diagnostically assess your learners’ basic and academic skills while guiding curriculum development and planning classroom instruction? CASAS may be a good fit for your native and non-native English speakers.

Do you desire a more comprehensive Adult Basic Education assessment? TABE offers a suite of assessments, including language proficiency evaluation for your adult English language learners.


It is necessary to complete training before administering assessments. Along with initial training, assessment administrators must take refresher training every two years.

Best Plus 2.0 Training Workshops

CASAS Test Implementation and Remote Testing Training

TABE 11/12 Certification (Parts 1 & 2)
Password: tabecertdrc

Important Resources

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