Basic Skills Plus

Basic Skills Plus is a tuition waiver program designed to serve Basic Skills students while they are concurrently enrolled in courses providing employability skills, job-specific skills, occupational skills, technical skills, or developmental education instruction.

many students are eligible

Who is eligible?

Basic Skills participants who have pretested with an NRS approved assessment and score Adult Secondary Low (EFL 5) or Adult Secondary High (EFL 6) in either math or reading.

Concurrent Enrollment

Students must attend Basic Skills and eligible training courses concurrently at the same college and the same semester.

Eligible Training

Continuing Education courses identified as leading to an industry recognized credential.

Curriculum Courses within an occupational or technical credential program of study for an approved curriculum certificate as listed in the college’s catalog.

Who is not eligible?

  • Students with a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent
  • Undocumented students
  • Students who test below the required levels.

Fees & Tuition

Continuing Education
Colleges may waive registration fees for courses that align with a credential and are over 96 hours.

Curriculum Courses
Colleges may waive tuition for up to 12 credit hours.

Coding Basic Skills Plus

Please refer to the Tuition and Registration Fee Waiver Reference Guide and the Basic Skills Plus Setup Guides for CE and CU listed in the ServiceNow system.

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