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The 231 Grand Funding Formula consists of 15% Base, 50% Access and 35% PerformanceWIOA, Title II funds for the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act are distributed by the North Carolina Community College System according to a formula adopted by the State Board of Community Colleges on February 16, 2018. These programs are funded under Section 231(AEFLA), 225 (C&I), and 243 (IELCE) of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). These funds are intended to supplement an organization’s adult education activities. The funding formula is the recommendation of a committee that was comprised of representatives from urban and rural community-based organizations and community colleges. Beginning with the 2018-19 award year, funding will be awarded to all eligible providers under this new formula and all grants will be awarded on a competitive basis for a four-year period. The formula has 3 components:

Base: 15% of available funding will be allocated for base funding to be distributed equally across providers. The base component is available to providers who received a FY 2017-18 allocation and to new providers.

Access: 50% of available funding will be allocated for access and will be available only to providers who received a FY 2017-18 allocation and submitted data. Access will be determined by contact hours of participants within 3 weighted tiers:

Tier A – Weight 5: Beginning Adult Basic Education Literacy, Beginning Adult Basic Education, Beginning English as a Second Language (ESL) Literacy, Beginning ESL

Tier B – Weight 4: Low Intermediate ESL, High Intermediate ESL, Low Advanced ESL, High Advanced ESL, Low Intermediate Adult Basic Education, High Intermediate Adult Basic Education

Tier C – Weight 3: Adult Secondary Education Low, Adult Secondary Education High

Performance: 35% of the available funding will be allocated for performance. Performance allocations will be determined by the number and percentage of basic skills participant periods of participation with a measurable skills gain. (Under federal regulations, a period of participation begins when a participant enters the program and does not end until a participant exits the program. If a student has 12 or more contact hours during this time, the student is classified as a participant within a period of participation. Measurable skills gains are required by WIOA and are used to demonstrate participants’ progress toward achieving a credential or employment.) This allocation will be available only to providers who received an allocation for the previous year and submitted data.

The NCCCS Business and Finance Division uses the list of providers who meet the competitive criteria and calculates allocations, according to the approved formula. This information is furnished to State Office Staff, and a budget item is prepared for approval by the NCCCS State Board. Upon approval, successful applicants are notified of their allocation and reporting requirements. Additionally, unsuccessful applicants are also notified in writing.

The budget documents must include all costs associated with providing literacy services to adult learners under the Title II Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA). Please note, the budget should include both the federal and non-federal share.

2023-2024 Title II Budget Training – August 31, 2022

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WIOA Title II Grants & Compliance

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