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NC Department of Adult Correction Protection - Innovation - Rehabilitation

NCDAC Education Digest – Volume 2, Edition 5

Submitted by: Penelope Radcliffe, Director of Adult Ed and Literacy, Beaufort County Community College

The latest edition of the North Carolina Department of Adult Correction journal has been published and is available online

Some of the featured articles from our College & Career Readiness community include:

  • The academic awards ceremony, hosted at Asheville-Buncombe Technical CC, for students from Western Correctional Center (pages 8-9);
  • Cleveland CC ‘s graduation achievements at Lincoln Correctional Center (page 10); 
  • Spotlight prison instructor Janet Bowers, from Beaufort County CC (page 13); and
  • The successful collaboration between Beaufort County CC and Tyrrell Prison Work Farm, culminating in an HSE graduation ceremony for seven individuals (page 25).   

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