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A Raisin in the Sun Performed by Forsyth Tech CC Students

Submitted by: Shannon Taylor Stanley, College & Career Readiness Director, Forsyth Technical Community College

A few weeks ago, Dr. Teaune Vinson’s Level 1 ABE class put on the Lorraine Hansberry play ‘A Raisin in the Sun.’  When asked, Dr. Vinson proclaimed that this was a major confidence builder for the students.  “I am so proud of this class,” Dr. Vinson said. “ They went from asking me ‘Do you really think we can do this?’ to actually believing in themselves.”

Partially inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem ‘Harlem,’ the story portrays a black family’s experiences in south Chicago, as they attempt to improve their financial circumstances with an insurance payout following the death of their father, while dealing with the impediments of housing discrimination, racism, and assimilation.

Check out the full recording below.  There are some sound issues during the beginning few minutes.

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