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Student Success Story from Pitt CC

Submitted by Melissa Morlock, Director of Transitional Studies

Solomon Tyson is one of our success stories.“The struggle will lead to a better you,” Solomon Tyson, a 20 year old GED graduate explains. “Everything happens for a reason. Even though life seems rough, never give up.”

Solomon knows a little about life being rough. He moved to Pitt County from Atlanta, Georgia after being in foster care and residing with adoptive families. At 19, he was living in a homeless shelter with no place to stay; however, he knew that he wanted a better life for himself and believed that he would be able to achieve it.

At the homeless shelter, he met someone who knew Ms.Tereasa Staton, program coordinator in Transitional Studies at Pitt CC, and referred Solomon to her. With her help, he enrolled in HSE classes with Mr. Melvin Keyes. In July 2023 he graduated with a GED.

He worked with DSS to find housing and is currently working a part-time job at Burger King, saving up for a new apartment, and working towards enrolling in college.

When asked what he would like to do, Solomon has a difficult time narrowing it down. “Welding, Art, Biochemistry, or Graphic Design,” he says, all in one breath. He did say that his true passion is music. He would love the opportunity to write and produce music. He said that he loves to write lyrics.

Solomon recently stopped by to check-in with Ms. Staton and told her that Transitional Studies makes him feel good because it feels like family. We are so proud of all of our students and Solomon!

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