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Submitted by: Melissa Morlock, Director of Transitional Studies Pitt Community College

Originator: PCC Transitional Studies Department Newsletter

Four Fridays to Finish Intensive Study Sessions September 29, Math, from 9am to noon October 6, Social Studies, from 9am to noon October 20, Language Arts, from 9am to noon October 27, Science, from 9am to noon

Transitional Studies is presenting Four Fridays to Finish. This series will offer all HSE students the opportunity to receive an in-depth intensive preparation for one of the four tested areas. Our first of the Four Fridays was math with Mr. Keyes. Seventeen students participated in reviewing formulas, graphing coordinates, finding x, y, and sometimes z, and studying effectively.

Students who attended were automatically signed up for a seat in GED Flash to continue reviewing until they are ready to test. Friday, October 6th, is Social Studies with Ms. Alissa Cutler. We encourage students who are interested to reach out to their program coordinator or text 252-656-6484 to get registered!

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