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Banner for new field testing opportunity from CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment series). The field testing will focus on the new Reading GOALS 2 assessment series. We will pay your students to practice! New field testing opportunity. "This is the first time I earned something. I feel very proud of myself." Quote from an adult learner from YWCA New Britain, Connecticut.

New CASAS Reading GOALS 2 Assessment Series

Originator: CASAS Field Testing Opportunities

Here’s a chance to participate in a national study and help validate this new assessment series!

Benefits of field testing for students

  • Provides added confidence in test-taking skills
  • Introduces students to test items and testing format
  • Reduces test anxiety for students

Benefits of field testing for agency and teachers

  • Counts toward instructional time
  • Provides teachers with a preview of the new tests
  • Creates an opportunity to prep students for post-tests

Field Test Information

  • Field test dates: October 2023 – June 30, 2024
  • Target population: All levels ABE/ASE/GED adult learners
  • Field test delivery modes: CASAS eTests and paper/pencil 
  • Methodology: Students may take one or two field tests

With Gratitude

  • Gift cards for students: $15 for one field test; $40 for two field tests 
  • 100 complimentary WTUs/TEUs for programs

If interested, email Field Studies Specialist Karen Burger at or call 1-800-255-1036 ext. 177.

For more information, visit Field Testing Opportunities


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