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National Apprenticeship Week Starts Soon!

Originator: Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE)

COABE: Coalition on Adult Basic Education National Apprenticeship Week Flyer November 13-19, 2023 #NAW2023 #AdultEDU

Apprenticeships are instrumental in re-building our economy, advancing racial and gender equity, building a pipeline to good quality jobs, and supporting underserved communities.

This year NAW’s theme is “Registered Apprenticeship: Superhighway to Good Jobs.” This theme reflects the prominence that Registered Apprenticeship has received as a proven, industry-driven training model that expedites the pathway from Adult Education into well-paying jobs, and improves diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in the workplace. Registered Apprenticeship is recognized as a key strategy to improving job quality and creating access to good-paying jobs for all, including populations historically underserved and underrepresented—women, people of color, and individuals with a disability—and underserved populations, such as youth and young adults. It addresses some of our nation’s pressing workforce shortages in teaching, advanced manufacturing, clean energy, cybersecurity, and other high-priority sectors.

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Monday, November 13th

11:00 am ET
Kick Off with Behind Every Employer Podcast 

Behind Every Employer National Apprenticeship Week Special Edition: Join us on the Behind Every Employer podcast as we talk with Miller Electric, a fortune 500 company that takes apprenticeship programs seriously! Hear how this company partnered with adult education providers to ensure a robust pipeline of workers to meet their needs. You will also hear the learner’s voice and the impact this program has had on their life and livelihood.

Presenters: Anson Green, Jeff Abramowitz, Terrance Freeman, and Jeff Arnott  

Tuesday, November 14th

2:00 pm ET
Pipelines, Projects and Pathways: Aligning Adult Education Programming to Registered Apprenticeship Opportunities

Adult Education has a direct link to apprenticeship training opportunities. Explore what Michigan is doing to align programming and fill the talent needs in our state while creating long-term, sustainable transitions for adult learners. In this session, we’ll explore the Michigan Apprenticeship Grant for Adult Education and share how local and regional partners are working together to create Adult Education apprenticeships.

Presenter: Patrick Brown

Wednesday, November 15th
2:00 pm ET

Connecting Adult Education to Pre-Apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship: TA Resources to Support Adult Education Programs 

COABE and Safal Partners Center of Excellence led the development and dissemination of the first national Adult Education (AE) Registered Apprenticeship (RA) Baseline Knowledge Assessment survey to identify specific RA-related knowledge gaps of AE program staff. Come learn more about the Center’s current technical assistance (TA) resources, the key findings from this survey, and future TA supports to increase AE program alignment with pre-apprenticeship and RA programs.  Join us for this informative and collaborative session that will equip you with the tools and knowledge to support more pre-apprenticeship and RA pathways for your students.

Presenters: Clare Vanderpool and Amber Gallup

Thursday, November 16th

2:00 pm ET
Using the COABE Behind Every Employer (BEE) Guide:  Getting Beyond the First Meeting. How to create partnerships with Employers for Workplace Literacy and Apprenticeship Programs!

Adult Educators can find it difficult to begin a discussion with employers on how Adult Education can be beneficial to their workforce and bottom line. This session will review the COABE BEE Guide that describes how to create partnerships with employers, speak their language, collaborate to create a workplace literacy program, and being an apprenticeship program.

Presenter: Karyn Goven

Friday, November 17th
2:00 pm ET
Exploring Effective Strategies Around Postsecondary Transition for Adult Learners

Looking to expand access to postsecondary education for your adult learners? Explore how the U.S. Department of Education’s LINCS Community is promoting promising strategies and critical perspectives needed to address postsecondary transition challenges for adult learners.

Presenters: Michelle Perry and Chrissie Klinger

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