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Building an Effective Adult Education Brand: The Art of Storytelling, Student Campaigns and Targeted Outreach

COABE Webinar Series: Building an Effective Adult Ed Brand

Originator: Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE)

Adult Education is often viewed as the “red-headed stepchild” in terms of getting both traction with key community influencers and its deserved share of funding. It doesn’t have to be this way! Adult Education is so focused on service delivery that it often forgets to include brand building as part of its organizational strategies. 

COABE and Full Capacity Marketing have partnered to bring you a four-part webinar series to support adult educators in how to effectively build an adult education brand. Mark your calendars and register now!   

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Part 1: Positioning Your Adult Education Brand for Recognition and Value  

Understand the foundational elements of branding, the pitfalls of poor messaging and how to course correct to demonstrate the value of the Adult Education mission.  

October 10, 2023 
2pm – 3pm EDT

Part 2: The Art of Storytelling: Building Your Adult Education Brand through Stories  

Why does the brain react positively to storytelling and how do you leverage this powerful strategy to leave a lasting and memorable impression in your community?  

November 7, 2023 
2pm – 3pm EDT

Part 3: Leveraging Public Relations to Build your Adult Education Brand 

Earned media is a highly effective tool to expand your reach about your adult education mission. Learn three strategies that will give you a jump start on working within your local community media landscape and beyond. 

January 16, 2024 
2pm – 3pm EDT

Part 4: Building Effective Campaigns to Position your Brand & Boost Enrollments 

Did you know there is a turnkey solution that helps you build an effective adult education brand and boost enrollments? Case studies will help you replicate in your area.  

February 13, 2024 
2pm – 3pm EDT

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