Basic Skills Plus

Basic Skills Plus is a funding mechanism that can offset the cost of workforce training for some students enrolled in an Integrated Education and Training program.

Basic Skills Plus (BSKP) was enacted by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2010 to support occupational skills training for participants concurrently enrolled in literacy courses and seeking a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent.

Session Law 2015-241 G.S. 115D-5(b) (15) authorizes the State Board of Community Colleges (SBCC) to waive tuition and registration fees for courses providing employability skills, job-specific occupational or technical skills, or developmental education instruction to certain students who are concurrently enrolled in an eligible community college literacy course, in accordance with rules adopted by the State Board of Community Colleges.

In order to be eligible for Basic Skills Plus, students must:

  • Test at or above Adult Secondary level, Title II National Reporting System levels, in either math or reading;
  • Be concurrently enrolled in Title II programming and Workforce training through Continuing Education or Curriculum within the same semester and at the same institution;
  • Be working toward a high school diploma or recognized equivalent (those who have already attained this are not eligible).
  • The Basic Skills Plus Policies and Procedures Implementation Guide can be downloaded here.


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