During the 2018-19 program year, the NC CCR System Office team collaborated with a pilot group of community colleges to explore ways adult education, developmental education programs, and NC Student Success Centers could collaborate to reduce barriers to adult education students’ success in postsecondary education. It was decided that NROC, Ed Ready educational software, already being used with postsecondary patterners could be reviewed and adapted to equip adult education students with academic skills and distance learning experience to transition into gateway post-secondary courses.

NC CCR unit-initiated conversations with the online courseware provider National Repository of Online Courses (NROC). What is NROC? NROC is a non-profit organization that partners with education agencies to provide open and low-cost online courses and learning options. The goal of the NROC organization is to develop courses that are adaptable to every student’s learning needs.

The goal of the North Carolina College and Career Readiness (CCR) Unit in this partnership was to expand the high-quality, low-cost distance learning options for all NC providers to assist with post-secondary transition. 

During the initial implementation of the pilot project, the NC CCR Unit entitled the distance learning project “Career READY.” The term “READY” is an acronym that stands for Refreshing, Enhancing, Accelerating and Developing Your Skills. Adult learners enrolled in the Career READY pilot completed 10 online units that focused on the Mathematics, English, and Writing Concepts required to transition into post-secondary education or employment. During the initial pilot, adult learners enrolled in the Career READY program met four days per week at two hours per day. Programs were provided the option to offer the courses face-to-face, hybrid, or completely at a distance. Pilot programs were required to design their programs to include necessary student support services, career exploration opportunities, and begin implementation of managed enrollment through distance learning or hybrid sections for the courses. The Career READY project comprehensively prepared students to earn credentials such as high school diplomas, industry-recognized certifications through co-enrollment in Integrated Education and Training (IET) programs. The Career READY courses strengthened the partnerships between training providers of Curriculum, Continuing Education programs and CCR programs.

pdf file 2021-22 Career READY Manual

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